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Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday's blog

To my followers/people I follow comments:
weaselbee- stay strong hun. I'm sorry about all the drama you're having to deal with. I love your blog!
Ana's Girl: Try to start exercising. You will see results! Just stay patient. It doesn't always show on the scale, but sometimes your body begins to shrink. I take pictures of my body frequently. Also try on smaller close to see how you're progressing
i'm sorry I can't be perfect: again, so glad you're back! Stay strong and keep up your motivation
My computer also is being stupid and I can only comment on some people's blogs
A lot has happened and I only have 13 minutes to post.
Wednesday Night: J and I broke up. But we both decided we wanted to try and be friends.
I cried, hard.
He has been such a strength in my life.
I slept over 10 hours
I went with my Mom to figure out the bills for the apartment my Dad and I are renting
She got me an early christmas present. A new phone which I love and really needed
She also bought me some seeds to start sprouting!
I spent sometime with J and honestly it wasn't too bad.
I redid my roots( I still need to tone the color)
Then I went back to J's and we watched our fav t.v. show
It was hard not to lean on his arm. cuddle up close
But I'd rather be with him than without
We are both in a good enough place in life that we were mature enough to realize
we need eachother still
even as friends
I woke up bright and early.
Burned 500 cals at the gym.
I'm about to leave work.
I'm a little lonely, but I'm still doing well.
I forced myself not to get on the scale.
If I do it too much I'll probably self sabatoge.
Intake today: Rice/Hemp protein shake w/ almond milk. 200 cals(but I burned it right off because I drank it before and at the beginning of my workout)
Stay strong! don't give up. Keep smiling!


Sar said...

Oh hun, sounds like a tough week. I am sorry you guys broke up, but I am glad you are trying the friend thing. I hope everything works out for you. That's cool you got a new phone!

Sorry I haven't commented in awhile, I have been avoiding my blog. I was reading old entries from the summer when I was sticking my toe in bulimia's cold waters..and ugh, it was hard to see, hard to swallow (lol no pun intended).

I want you to know that you are an inspiration to stay strong. Thanks for writing/following. Ttyl


Sarah. said...

ohh darling, that sounds terrible, its so good that you're staying close friends though.. hope you're ok, that must've been so hard.
kudos on the gym time lovely

Sarah. said...

hey hunni, just wanted to say thank you for all your wonderful, supportive comments, you make me so happy :)
always brightens my day.

Fallen-Angel said...

Aw no :(
*biiig cuddles*
It's good that you're being so positive about it though.
You're so strong, I really admire you :)

Stick Thin said...

sar - i do miss your posts but i don't blame you if you need to take a break. Thanks for your support and i'm glad i could hear from you!

Sarah - i'm just returning the favor :) loves

Flushed - you inspire me as well. I know you,ve been having some harder times but i know you'll overcome them

Ana's Girl said...

Thanks for the tips, hun. Do you have any exercises that you'd recommend?
Wow, about J. I never saw that one coming. I'm really glad you're still friends though. Stay posative.

Weasel Bee said...

Oh no, I am so sorry about the break up. I could tell from the way you talked about him, he is so important to you. We are all here for you to lean on, and we all love you so much! I think your blog is one of the most influential, and you are so good at making people feel better about themselves. And that's good about staying friends. :)

Awww, I love you so much! You just spill us about your shitty day, and then tell us to keep smiling. You are too sweet <3