You're not alone

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Why is it?

I just took this picture: My legs in non-skinny jeans
This is a picture is from yesterday: P decided he wanted to try on my skinny jeans

He is covering his goods, those are mine! Except I've never had him in that way. . . beside the point.
I feel so fat. Granted I'm not wearing the same jeans
perhaps I should do that later tonight and compare

My period is pretty much done. I always feel huge when I'm on it
Now what?
I want to lose weight again
but real weight loss
possibly extreme
P loves my body
I weigh less than him
what is the driving force to be less?
Its not so much looks for me
its the control

what is my game plan??
no idea.
any ideas?
i feel lonely right now


Jane-Doe said...

i am just as confused, as to my plan.
Spring break, my parents forced me to eat.
I gained 3 pounds!
So i need to get back on track and fast... And lose weight asap. and pounds and pounds.
I also need a plan.
a big drastic plan!
we can do it though!
be strong.
hunger is just a feeling, its chemical:
When an organism eats, adipocytes trigger the release of leptin into the body.
Increasing levels of leptin results in a reduction of one's motivation to eat.
After hours of non-consumption, leptin levels drop significantly.
These low levels of leptin cause the release of secondary hormone, ghrelin, which in turn reinitiates the feeling of hunger.
we can beat that!

Weasel Bee said...

don't be lonely! we are alwaysss here for you. well, i am. :D

and girly, your legs are positively petite! i am nearly green with envy right now.

hmm, diets... maybe a juice fast for a few days? i keep planning to do that but getting side-tracked...

control is the best thing ever. it's what keeps everyone going. or at least the idea of control.

i love you! i miss your constant updates. i hope you are happy. you deserve it <3

Miss Burton said...

Oh dear.
I love your legs. They look thin and toned. No wonder P loves your body!
And thank you for your comment! I don't know why, I had to turn on the computer this morning to check my comments and I guess it saved my day!
Yesterday was awful, things turned pretty ugly here and I had the worst night ever, afraid of today. But your comment made me smile and I think you're right. we have to be positive. Thanks for reminding me!
:) I love you too!

got2bedancin247 said...

i'm SO jealous of your legs. they look amazing. i have the curse of dancer thighs, so mine will never stop touching until i either stop eating for like... a year straight or stop dancing. lovely. but your legs look phenomenal! =]

keep up the great work! you're doing amazing. just hang in there! stay strong.


Sarah. said...

OH WOW! Look at your legs woman! They are amazing.
So thin and ahhhhh i want!

I need to start getting extreme again.

No idea what my plan will be either.. Perhaps just super long fasts with intense exercise.
Its worked before, it will work again.


hezza said...

you look fucking amazing.
SO AMAZING. i want to be youuuuuuuu

Anastasia Kirstyn said...

your legs look amazing!!!
thinspiration for sure.