You're not alone

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Whats been on my mind

Whenever the day comes
I want to look fragile

This week has been better than last week
I ran over 3 miles on monday
my Pace is getting faster!!
Tuesday I worked out for Two hours
cardio, legs, lots of butt, stretching
Yesterday I ran with P
but had little strength to go for 3 miles
i felt worthless

Today: I woke up feeling blue
and still am
Sometimes I feel like whenever I try to progress
in any aspect of my life
Its all for naught

I'm keeping a positive attitude as best I can :)
My period is supposed to start soon
i don't think thats making my mood any happier

Ah well.
My Soon To Be University just beat Florida
in the NCAA


Miss Burton said...

wooh brides. Most of them actually look lovely.
Have you not listened to the latest the used album? I had to listen to it a couple times but now i think it's actually one of the very best albums ever. :) They're not dead to me.
3 miles ... I'm proud of you :)

Anonymous said...
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Alexandra said...

Your legs are so beautiful, I would do anything to have them.. Just so you know.