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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Music is my Escape

This week was...

Good exercise wise: Monday - Ran 3 miles
Tuesday - Toned but, thigh, calves, hips and Elipcital - 1 hr +
Wednesday - Ran 3 miles
Thursday - toned upper back, triceps, lower stomach - 30 min cardio 1.5 hr
Friday - :( yeah
Saturday - Snow boarding

Food: Shit. I should be murdered

This week I will try to post everyday if I can. I am going to continue working out and running :) P is a good running partner. I am going to try and fast at least 3 days, consecutively if I can. It will just feel good to be light. YOu know? Sorry I've been absent. I miss and love you all. I read your blogs daily and post when I can.

Keep fighting

Here is a little different type of thinspo :)


Emily said...

Ooh great music thinspo! Glad to hear you're still doing okay!

I'm trying to start running myself. Its hilariously pathetic. I can't run more than two blocks without feeling like death. Literally, two blocks. I could walk 500 miles, but running? HA!

You're so cute when you talk about P. Its obvious you two are so great together. I wish you the best (and then some!)

Take care darlin.


Sottile said...

Nice job on the exercise! It looks amazing! And the eating... well, I am sure it wasn't as bad as you're making it out to be. It is all behind you know anyway, so just forget about it and move forward. It's all we can do. Leave it in the past; try not to dwell on it.

Good luck with the fast. I just know you can do it for three days in a row! Stay strong xo

PeriAdot (G+P) said...

Skinny, scary, emo-rock guys.

I love you!

Mimi said...

Loved the thinspo!!
hearing all the exercise you've done is really motivating!! not sure I cud run 3 m iles tho!! haha I'd drop dead before 1!!

Good luck fasting :)

KEMPER said...

Dude I used to talk to that kid with the black hair in the black adidas jacket lol
Unless he stole the picture...
Random myspace kids haha

Weasel Bee said...

yay! a post! i've missed you. update more often =)

holycrap girly! that is quite an amazing week of exercise, i'm impressed. i haven't exercised in forever, i'm a lazy slob. x) aww, so cute P is your running partner.

Miss Burton said...


He was well fit, back in the days, wasn't he?

haha i say this as if bert mccracken were dead already. nah. he still is sexy. not beautiful. but his talent and music and personality are quite something. Id shag him. yapyap.

thanks for the music thinspo and thank you not so much for making me feel guilty because you work out and i dont. haha. nah, well done.

yaaay posts every day!!! looking forward to it!


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