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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just toss it

This morning I woke up next to P. An actual wedding date seems to becoming more of a reality.

P: I know you don't want to wait long
Me: silent
P: I'd like to get married this year
Me: silently excited
P: The other day you said maybe, september
Me: shakes head yes

I ate a bowl of cereal this morning. A small piece of cake (gross huh). a few carrots. I couldn't stop eating the carrots

After I left P's apartment I headed to work. I had left over veggies and rice from dinner tuesday, P told me to take it to work. I wasn't hungry. I just wanted to eat. Stupid. Because I was too tempted to just eat as soon as i got to work. I knew I'd hate myself

So when I stopped to pick up my coffee

I tossed the food.

Sometimes we are strong to say no, other times we just have to toss the food out to avoid it entirely.

5 things I love about me:

1) My eyes. They change colors: dark blue, grayish blue, hazel

2) My ability to listen. People are comfortable opening up to me

3) My legs. They have always been the most toned thing on my body.

4) My organization/cleaniness. I'm good at organizing, and I love being clean

5) My music talents: I play several instruments and write stuff now and then

What about you?


Anonymous said...

Oh I am so unbelievably excited for you! I know you will make the most beautiful bride!!! That is so amazing!

and i love all the things you love about you too! You're awesome!

stAy stroNg! thiN(k) thiN!
xoxo Lyndee

Weasel Bee said...

aww! a wedding! i am super excited for you, P sounds perfect. i think september is a lovely month for marriage. summer is toooo hot, september is the best balance. eek! this is just too exciting.

i have been eating a massive amount of carrots as well; i feel like bugs bunny himself. but meh. the other i ate a carrot on shrooms and EVERYTHING turned orange. it was the oddest thing. hihi.

this post just made me so happy. you sound so optimistic. congrats on tossing the food also! for me that's the hardest thing to do, it's easier to just avoid food at all costs.

hmm, five things i love about me. that's tricky. i love my laugh because it's stupid and i snort and it makes everyone else laugh. i like my calves. i like my clothes/fashion sense. i like my teeth because they are white and straight and i've never needed braces. aaaaand. uhhh... i like that people trust me easily. i dunno why though, i don't consider myself that trustworthy. but yeah. that's five, right?

loveee yeww to pieces <33

shadyrae said...

OMG!!! I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!! That is unbelievable news! Don't feel to bad about the eating. It's nothing in comparison to my 5000 calorie binge the other day. UCK!

5 things I like about me?

1. My ability to write creatively, namely metaphorical stories and poems.

2. My music abilities.

3. My dancing abilities.

4. My random knowledge of a huge compilation of random information.

5. My ability to listen as well. People are always opening up to me and such. Its nice...

Sarah. said...

Congratulations honey,things are going so so well for you!

5 things about me:
I have big blue eyes.
Straight white teeth.
Im friendly and seem to draw people in..
Im at a loss.... ill think of more one day...

R Harlow B said...

other times we just have to toss the food out to avoid it entirely

so true