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Friday, March 15, 2013

Weight Budging

Back in November(when I think my thyroid started acting weird) I put on 15 extra pounds. Now, some of this was actual diet choices, eating out, being depressed and not physical, but as soon as I felt the weight got too much I changed my habits. I tried healthy eating habits. I started working out. It's so frustrating.

Nothing changed.

And after taking some supplements for my thyroid, I finally got my energy back! I finally got the drive to start exercising again. And FINALLy I feel like my body is getting back to normal

I try and not focus on the actual number. I see it in my face though, in my legs. I was actually pretty content of where I was last fall. So hopefully things continue! And I can continue to work on healthy habits.

But I am not perfect

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Miranda said...

No one is perfect...and we have to accept that it's okay. Glad your body is finally cooperating. It's the worse when you feel that your body is out of control.

Peridot (G+P) said...

Physical perfection is an unattainable myth held up in front of us to make us feel like shit.

Seriously, why the fuck else do we have photoshop?!?

I love you for the little quirks and flawed spots and wonky lines that make you who you are. Because it is those little blips that make you beautiful <3