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Monday, March 9, 2009

Oh boy

Saturday night I didn't want to spend time alone.  I cut myself, just enough to feel, to try and get rid of the pain.  After that I went to the gym, went tanning, and shopping.  I was just trying to avoid being home alone.  I decided to venture to a siblings place planning on having some fun.  It was a non stop trip basically.  I feel a lot better that I did decide to not be alone.  I cleaned all day and fasted 18 hours!  Something else that really helped...

The boy asked me to hang out tonight, which we did..for many hours.I quote him when I say 'how much sooner is sooner, than later?'  I think when we hung out for the first time i said something like..hope to see you sooner than later.  He stayed a  lot longer than I even thought.  We jammed, watched a movie and talked.   Nothing romantic has happened yet.  I was still pretty out of it.  He is so beautiful, skinny, and shy.  He complimented me on my skirt.. that made me happy.  I don't really know a whole lot about this dating game.

 I plan to continue my control and then maybe I can deserve him.  I want to learn a new song on my guitar so next time we jam i can sing something new for him, maybe i'll write a new original song.

 gw 125
gw2: 120
gw3: 110
ugw: 103

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