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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sleep Best

anyone have any blog template sites they would reccomend? My blog looked a lot better before blogger changed everything. I need some ideas.

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Tomorrow is friday. Its glorious. Sort of. I work and am so busy that I don't ever get a real day off. I am playing a show on Saturday! Yup. This girl is in a band. I play cello in Searching for Celia. Want to watch me play?

Pretty fun stuff eh?


Peridot (G+P) said...

You play cello?

*Fangirls and dies*

Seriously. I fucking LOVE cellos and violins. I'm too wimpy to learn how to play one though so I just rock out. I heart Apocalypica with SO MANY HEARTS!

Time to rock out to your epic skills :D

The Lovely Bones said...

Wow, you're such an amazing musician, I'm so jealous of your talent.
That's amazing.

Katie Elizabeth said...

It's so beautiful. And you are so beautiful. Jealous ;)

ruby-tuesday said...

Wow, this was amazing!

So, so beautiful! x

Sar said...

WoW ST that is some cool music!!! And might I say looking good! You guys sound awesome and I am seriously jealous that you're in a band! Thanks for sharing the vids! xo

Miranda said...

So cool that you play an instrument!