You're not alone

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Personal Thinspo

 I hate you fat Mindy girl i hate hate hate you. Me at 120. i like her:
Intake: 777
Outake: 551
Booh yeah bitches. i need to go to bed now. the husband is working on a project with a friend. Please shut up soon ok? i have a long day tomorrow.
Excuse the fatness but check out our recent family photos


That Girl said...

You are so so so beautiful !
Absolutely stunning with that short blond hair :)
Be strong , you can do this <3

That Girl said...

I know you have a lot of followers, but i nominated you for the liebster blog award.

Stick Thin said...

You are so sweet. I will try and do that today.

Katie Elizabeth said...

I love the pictures. And your dogs are so adorable. Stay beautiful my dear.

Miranda said...

Love the pics! I don't see fatness. I understand that you aren't where you want to be but you are still beautiful!

Sar said...

Ok, ADORABLE family photo...I love it! You are awesome for posting those! You look great at 120 and beautiful now! Your hair is bad ass!