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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Muscle weighs more than fat

I got down to 145.2. And then have remained 146.8 the past 4 days. I think it's because I worked out M-Th every night. And I have been working on building those muscles.
Friday - I purged. I was doing fine until I got to my office mid day. There were a ton of sweets. And it's not like i ate a ton. I was just frustrated with myself of falling in to the habit of mindless eating. So I purged the sweets. I allowed myself to keep the healthy homemade sandwich I made.
Friday night things went south - not with food - but I decided to drink. My husband doesn't drink. So I drank a good amount quickly. We were supposed to go shopping. But I got sick. And I couldn't tell him why. So no Gym for me that night.
Saturday I was ok with intake. I was hungover and didn't workout, but I did hair for 4 hours and that is tiring. I ALSO played a show! I had so much fun! I did eat out and drink some non diet soda but its ok.
Today has been well. Just finished a cottage cheese, tomato, and cucumber snack. Gotta go do some more hair.

Love ya bitches


Peridot (G+P) said...

Muscle weighs more than fat: It also burns more calories than fat just by sitting there.


I hope monday treats you well. Take care of yourself, ok?


Anlipanman said...

So jealous you can keep up with a healthy diet. You deserve a reward!

Katie Elizabeth said...

Such a wonderful intake for today. And good job at working out all week. So jealous. Keep strong.

ruby-tuesday said...

Stay strong

Take care x

Lilith Immaculate said...

Plateaus are horrible. Especially when you're trying so awfully hard to get past them. Hang in there, love. And please don't purge too in ever again. It's so bad for you. *love and huggles*

Zoie said...

Stay safe looove.