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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

i love skinny jeans

I also love fall because you can bundle yourself up, and I feel a little more confident in my skinnies when I'm not so exposed up top.

Weigh in: 137.2. UGH that is such a big number to me. Before treatment I was in the 120-125. I am however pleased with my weigh in. Intake today? I don't know how I feel.
b: toast (2) 220
l: chicken and rice 400?
skittles: 220 (bad of me)
cheese sticks lindt chocolates(purged)
d: 1/2 spinach greek wrap ? 400?
under 1500.
Out put:
weights: triceps, biceps, back, lunges
1 miles run - 10 min
35 min treadmill fast walking, alternating incline
20 min bike.
I'm guessing at least 500

I have a headache from purging. Why did I do it? Anxiety. Frustration. Stress. I didn't want to cut.
I am the "manager" at my salon. My boss moved about an hour away to finish school. She comes down "once" a week. We are currently losing business. I predicted this would happen when she left. She is making money by doing nothing, so she doesn't have to provide for herself.
We stylist however, have bills to pay. Since we make commission, sitting around not doing clients is not helpful. I personally have enough clientelle to make due, but yeah. Long story short. I set up a meeting for all of us, so we can try and get some change happening.

My fears: my boss gets defensive, she doesn't want to change things, i have to find a new job because i am getting tired of working under someone who doesn't care about "her" salon anymore.

Ok. gotta study.


Anonymous said...

Great weigh in! Take care.




Anonymous said...

It's absolutley horrible when people don't change even SMALL things when it's better for everyone ELSE. Good luck with work and I'm proud of you for not cutting :)