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Monday, July 5, 2010

Jet Lag, Why aren't there any black people in Utah?

I miss Africa. Ugh. I want to be there, not here. And I feel weird that there aren't any black people, call me crazy, but I was very comfortable around them. he he, yesterday I saw this black guy at my church..i just stared at him until he passed by.

I feel fat today. Probably that time of the month soon to hit. Just in time for my camping trip! So convenient.

I went shopping at Costco(huge store where everything is bulk) and got food for the two meals P and I have to serve during our family camping trip. I also bought some razors. OMG. I haven't shaved with a new who knows how long. I can't stop touching myself. he he dirty

I also bought some Acai cleansing pills, I want to see if they make a difference. They say "Cleanse, purify and flush away excess weight". 15 bucks, for two 10 day cleanses. Might as well give it a try.

I want P to talk to my Dad(ask for my hand) while on this camping trip. I doubt it. I thought he was saving money for the ring, but from the information I've gathered, he isn't saving.

I'm trying to be positive. but come on! i thought we could at least have a date set. in my dreams. I'm going to have to find a new apartment to live in if we don't get married soon as I thought. and I thought it because he led me to think it.

Okay we were supposed to leave almost two hours ago, but my ADHD kicked in. I put a lighter patch of brown in my hair, and then I started organizing some stuff. P is asleep on my couch. Neither of us got very good sleep last night. he he. oops.

So I'm afraid to weigh myself... what do you think? Give it a week? I don't think I've gained anything. Before and during my finals I was really stressed and not eating. I got down to 118 or something. Oh! speaking of finals(i don't remember if I mentioned)

Media Writing : A.
Public Relations: B+(i'm really happy about this. I got 100% on the essays on my final exam)

So with those grades, and a 30/30 on this other required thing... I can apply for my major!!! WOOOP

I really need to go. P is going to kill me when he finds out what times it is.

Oh and my plans for this three day camp out: Water water water water water. Water. Food if I have to hike. And I plan to go running every morning.

ook. Love you.

P.S. Ana's Girl: I printed off a few skeleton pictures for reference, I'm going to work on something while I'm away.


Spacecadet18 said...

If I were you, I would give it a week. Just in case, you know? I'd like to see your hair! Sounds like fun. I used to do all sorts of crazy stuff to mine, but its integrity totally suffered because of all the coloring. Have fun camping! I'm sure it'll be a blast. Best of luck on your cleanse. But also, be careful. I've done one of those cleanses, and they can make you feel icky if you don't drink enough water.

Sottile said...

Awesome grades, lady! So proud :)

And there aren't any black people in Vermont, either. We're the whitest state in the union. Such a fantastic claim.

Let us know if the cleanse works!

Ana's Girl said...

Gotta hate how the period just comes at the very most inconvenient times, right? New razors are AMAZING! I haven't shaved with a new one for quite a while either... Hmmm. I'm thinking i'm gonna get my man to buy me some new razors very soon. Lol.
Maybe you should ask P if he's saving? Or would that be too intrusive? ugh, men. They make it complicated, don't they?
Awesome job on those finals though!
And i totally can't wait to see what you get together for my tattoo! EEEE! I so excited. lol.

pagesofsweetpeas. said...

BAHA - there are a lot of white people in utah & it drive me crazy too. try not to stare, wouldn't want to scare him away..
GREAT WORK in school!
have fun camping!!
staystrong, page.

Eva said...

Hey grrrl, just found your blog through a Google Reader suggestion...SO GOOD. Reading about someone who goes through the same food issues as myself is really, really, empowering. I just started a blog myself thanks to you! Can't wait for more updates. said...

wow awesome grades, i'm really pleased for you!!
Hope u have fun camping x

Louisa said...

Congratulations on ur grades!! I hope you have a great time in your camping trip! Tons of love, Lou. Could u follow my blog?? =)

Anonymous said...

Your back! your back! your back!!! I desperately have been missing you I'm so wish p would just pop the question already! I have a lot to tell you and some scary relizations I wanted to ask you about?! Not sure if I should blog about them... I missed you!
stAy stroNg!
xoxo lyndee

SBB said...

Amazing grades!! Wow you should feel very proud of yourself =)
I'd love to txt you but I'm in Canada so I'm pretty sure it would blow up my phone bill =/
Let us know how the cleanse goes? Enjoy your camping trip!!