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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Scale

119.2. I was very relieved by this number. Remember a few weeks ago when I asked if I should weigh myself? Yes. I still hadn't done so

But now what? What are my goals? Someone asked my advice on losing some weight with losing 15-20 pounds within 5 weeks. I figured 3 pounds a week would be very possible. If she ate no more than 500 cals a day, alone, she could reach that. But then I told her working out gives her a little more wiggle room. In fact I think its better to switch your intake and avoid too much fasting.

So maybe something like this:
0 - light work out or stretching
400 - 30 min resistance, 30 min cardio
500 - 1 hr cardio, stretching
700 - 45 min resistance, 15 cardio
900 - 1.5 hr cardio
600 - 30 min cardio, 30 min easy resitance/stretching
400 -no work out, or light

300 - 30 min cardio, 30 min easy resitance/stretching
900 - 45 min resistance, 30 min cardio
100 - no workout/or light, or stretching
400 - 1 hr cardio
600 - 30 min resistance, 30 min cardio
900 -1 hr cardio
300 - light resistance, easy cardio

0 - easy day
300 - 30 min easy cardio, 30 min hard cardio
500 - 3o min resistance, 30 min easy cardio
700 - 1 hr cardio
1000 - 45 min hard resistance, 45 cardio
500 - no workout/stretching
500 - 45 min cardio

I'll finish the rest later. I've got to go to the salon


Spacecadet18 said...

I agree with the switching up the intake. In fact, I find that I lose more weight per week that way than just eating the same amount every day.

Be Kind For Everyone You Know Is Fighting A Battle said...

thanks! this is great!! im sooo using this!!!!!

sweetdisposition said...

Hii, i LOVE your blog btw!! It is so inspiring!! You are like what I'm using as a "goal" for my own personal weight loss.. (I used to be 5"7 125pounds--two years ago--and now am 19 years old 154 pounds.. due to recent stuff ive allowed to unravel in my life.. anyways..)
my question for you is, do you still take Lexapro and do you think that it has helped?
(I am supposed to start taking lexapro tomorrow and am kind of unsure about it..)
Thanks!!!! and u totally rock!