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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Leggy Blonde

Presenting::::::Camping Fun:::::::::

P's impression of Megan Fox
My impression of Megan Fox
Building a Sand Castle!!
I was very picky with my choice of sand
Ha ha my niece and her butt
two little peas by the lake
getting artistic with my new Camera
I love playing photography
My new niece and I

Sometimes I see myself and feel extremely Fat.
Like today
But then i see a pictures of myself
And wonder who is telling me I don't look okay

Fasting tomorrow with Lyndee. I need to feel control again!


Sarah. said...

i havent yet had a chance to catch up on your blog, i did however see the new pics - you beautiful beautiful girl.

Liz said...

I think you are incredibly beautiful and skinny. Looks like you had fun :) And p.s. your niece is ADORABLE!
Good luck on your fast! You can do it!!

SBB said...

You are GORGEOUS! And I absolutely love your hair! ... I think P had the best Megan Fox impression lol.. You two are adorable!

Emry said...

Lovely pictures! <3

Anonymous said...

I second Liz's comment :)

I sympathize... I hate trying to decide between "I look fine, I'm just critical" and "I look awful, I'm just going easy on myself".

MyNameIsMellon said...

You are so beautiful it isn't even funny, and its a shame you can't see that. Nice Megan Fox Impression XD. Only thing missing is the unsolicited nudity! Btw, you nieces are soooo cute! said...

Thanks for the comment :)
Wow, the camping trip looks awesome and you are B-E-A-utiful so don't ever think you aren't!

Spacecadet18 said...

You look so lovely! And where were you camping? I think I've totally been there.

thinxXxspo said...

oh wow, absolutely LOVE your megan fox impression! you look lovely in those pics and i love the pic of the lake! =) im a hawaii girl and i didnt know lakes had sand XD i thought they only had pebbles hehe :P

ah! your beautiful!!! and fucking love your hair, gorgeous! <3
stay strong hun!

Anonymous said...

Love the second to last pic! and that baby is too cute :)-great blog