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Friday, November 26, 2010

In to the Day

I am out of the treatment center for the weekend. I will be starting Day Treatment Monday. Which means I am going to be there Mon-Fri 8-6.

I feel good about that, and I am so happy to be home with my husband. I have a lot to blog about, and will be doing so in different posts. Right now I am just checking in. I feel a little alone right now and vulnerable. I am trying not to focus on what we just ate, but I am at a huge music store with my husband and his band mates, so I am a little bit forgotten :)

I'll be fine, just uncomfortable. I am going to see my uncle on Sunday, who is a chiropractor, and see what is going on with my digestion. I think it has to do with dairy, but the treatment center doesn't believe me. I have been feeling so gross and I think it's because of dairy, and digestive aid does not help. I'll do a better post tomorrow.

I am hopeful, and feeling happy


Peridot (G+P) said...

Yay for happy! :D

Lol, boys ay? Getting stuck into the music or the cars. It reminds me of how they must feel when being dragged through a shoe shop! XD

You are NOT alone, ok? Take extra care of yourself when you're feeling vulnerable, coz thats when you need it most.

Lots of love to you, pretty lady! <3

Sar said...

Hey there ST!

I am glad you updated and are doing good... I love your posts and I wish you the best, the absolute best.

Take care :)


*Broken* said...

Í´m soo glad you´re happy sweetie =)
You always have us, remember that

R Harlow B said...

I am glad that you are feeling hopeful and happy.

take care <3

~ Harlow

Anonymous said...

glad to hear you are doing ok. looking forward to updates on what' been going on.

Ana's Girl said...

Stay happy, darling. I hope you feel better soon. *hugs and love*

Future Doctor said...

Good for you!