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Monday, September 27, 2010

I feel them, and it's glorious

My hip bones. I feel them today. My bowels are finally acting normal again. Goodbye bloated fat belly. Isn't it crazy how that happens??

Below: the bloated honeymooned

I feel motivated now to get toned. I know it won't take me that long either. I want to weigh myself, but I won't yet. I don't want to know what wedding stress eating, cruise dining, and bored eating has done between me and the scale.

Good thing is that sugar fat is fast to get rid of if one cuts back on the shit and does some cardio. Which is exactly what I'm doing as I type this.

Goodbye butter and bread with every meal. Sick I know, but it sounded good on the boat.

I must admit, I ate half a whole wheat bagel with a little fat free cream cheese, and then I ate some of my wedding cake. Trust me you would have eaten it for breakfast to if you had a taste.

I had an acai iced tea with blackberry flavoring

Lots of water

Then boiled corn with some salt, veggie and chicken soup, and one mini pillsbury croissant.

Good job Mrs. Burton. That's a start.

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Sar said...

Woww you're hott :p

Congrats on getting married!!! Stay strong, Mrs.


Mich said...

Omg you look AWESOME in your sexy honeymoon nightie!! :D

Fed Up said...

I have such a hard time avoiding the scale even after a piggy vacation. It's like I HAVE to know even though knowing makes me sick. Cute pic.

hezza said...

OMG youre married now?
congrats! its been so long omg its so nice to see youre doing so well[:

Anonymous said...

Caongratz on your wedding! May the best be with you! <3
:) C

Anonymous said...

Caongratz on your wedding! May the best be with you! <3
:) C

Analise said...

You're beautiful :)

Congrats on being married!