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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Get me out of here

Underneath the depressed feelings is a girl excited for her big day. Her eyes light up when she sees the dress fit her perfectly, and imagines how much she'll stand out that day.

Underneath the introverted actions is a girl who wants to be surrounded by loved ones.

Underneath the girl who love to feel her rib cage, counting them, obsessively, wishes he could be free from the demon.

Yea it's a demon. My Ed has been my best friend and worst enemy. It required me to only think about myself.

Now there will be husband. How do I balance? Ugh.

I love him.

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Peridot (G+P) said...

*Giggles* My phone background is a picture of my BF I took sneakily when he was snoozing ^.^ Don't tell him, okay?

Take that love inside you and use it to kick the shit outta ED. He hates it when people love you and you love other people. Jealous cunt wants you all to yourself so he can make you an ugly corpse.

Don't let him, ok? Tell ED you're a one-man woman and he can fuck off, coz it ain't an open relationship! :p

lauren said...

you can either learn to live with it, or .. (what is most likely) you're marriage will be so satisfying and overwhelmingly secure that ed will take a back seat and you will find comfort in the love you shar with your husband. to be honest, men CAN NOT SEE any 'extra weight' .. they see deliciousness .. hahah!! i learned this after two years of marriage.

zephora said...

Aww your fiance is so cute! Good for you, P is fantastic!!! :D
I hope for you that, for your wedding day, the ED can be sidetracked so you can fully enjoy it!!!!!!!


Sottile said...

Your dress is beautiful :) Your love for your man will take over your ED, I know it will.

Ana Gaia said...

Been so interesting to read your thoughts on marriage / ED. I got married a few weeks ago to my absolute best friend, and I love him, and am unbelievably happy, but marriage is a big shock! Sounds obvious, but it changes *everything* doesn't it?!
Keep us posted as to how you work out juggling your ED and your love for your husband - I'm trying to figure out the same thing and not reached a conclusion yet...
Much love <3