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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Formals and bridals

It was hard for me to like the way I looked. With my hair done up, pearl earrings from the mother in law, and wedding dress. I didn't feel pretty.

Some turned out though. 5 more nights until the big day!

I am exhausted.

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Lyndee said...

Mindy I'm know you looked stunning. Omg 5 days till your mrs. Perry's wife it's so crazy are you excited?!!!!
X Lyndee

Sarah. said...

you're amazing
you're beautiful
you're going to be the perfect wife
enjoy your day darling

Mich said...

I bet you looked like a fairytale princess. :-*

Only 5 days!! I hope you have the most wonderful day possible.


Anonymous said...

Your a doll, you didn't even look fat for me in the photos you posted. Absolutely gorgeous! <3 Congratulations and when the wedding does happen post photos!!!

Ana's Girl said...

Don't worry, love. I know he'll think you look absolutely lovely, and i know that i will too! Think about how wonderful it will be to call him your husband, and don't worry so much about how you'll look. *hugs* I know how you feel though... i was just there about a month ago. Hang in there.