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Monday, May 10, 2010

Qiuckie today, i'll have more time tomorrow

Whole oat/7 grain cereal with apples, raisins: my brain food
Iced coffee
fruit snack, two clementines(mini orange)
40 minute run, more details below
protein shake: made with fresh fruit and almond milk

I have a test tomorrow, after that I'll have time to do a real post, read and update on my lovely blogging friends.
Today on my run I dry-heaved, in the middle of it! and then when I got home. Part of it is because my throat is backed up with mucus....yuck!

C purged again last night. I've not said anything to her. What is there to say? I feel bad, purging sucks. I think part of the reason I purged the other day was because i heard her. Ugh. Lets no talk about depressing things.

P and I have possibly set a month to get married

goodnight, i'm passing out



Sofie said...

marriage! :)
congrats .. its exciting!!!

Ana's Girl said...

congrats on the marriage! :) i'm gettin' there as well. can't wait for the both of us!

Mimi said...

Hey, I nominated you for a beautiful blog award!!

Vi said...

ah how exciting!!!! I didn't know you were engaged!


x x

Sottile said...

Marriage is SO exciting! I would be just bursting right now if I were you :)

I agree on the C issue. There really isn't much you can say, I think. :/

Matilda Bonnet said...

You, engaged? OMGGGG Soooooo happy for you lady!! :D:D Congratulations, you deserve that & more! Love ya

HaleyShane said...

you haven't updated in a while, I hope everything is going alright.

Sar said...

Heyyyyy lady!

I miss you. Are you ok?