You're not alone

Friday, May 7, 2010

My ADD is killing me

and today was an epic failure

non stop eating

purged for the first time in months


and i need to study but i can't focus on anything. I made it to my study review, went tanning. slept. tried to study

Instead I played Zelda on n64 for most the day :)

p got it for me yesterday.


Sottile said...

I'm sorry, hun! I hope this weekend is going better for you! I hate binge days ugh :( xoxo

Sofie said...

n64 is the BEST. Period.

i actually thought of getting a video game .. it keep your eyes & hands busy ./. no chance of eating :)

sucks about purging .. i never really could and relied on ipecac .. to this day i cannot smell it without puking in my mouth.