You're not alone

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

down .8 of a pound

And thats weighing myself at night. i look forward to the scale in the morning.

b - 7 grain/oat cereal with apples and raisins (cooked it myself, unprocessed, so good for you especially because of the flaxseed)

- soy mocha

l - a few mouthfulls of veggie soup, and a fruit popsicle

d - brocolli, otter pop, less than half a banana and a clementine orange

I don't count calories anymore. I just eat slow, and try to moderate/balance my diet.

Does anyone have some good cleanse suggestions?


Kelly said...

Senna tea is choice for cleanses

Proud FA said...

I read this and now I know why men can't take most women seriously.