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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy 21

I'm now 21. weird.

okay so i just moved into my new place. I share a room with L, we get along great. N is really funny, and C is probably the one I haven't quite clicked with. L is on a diet, average weight. N does workout videos, on the bigger side, but seems overall happy. C is taking a ton of credits, always the last in bed, and has a boyfriend, pretty face, and also a little bigger. I am the small little runt and don't feel I raise much suspicion with any eating issues.

C was just purging in the toilet. I recognized it instantly, the gag cough, gag. Maybe it was her brushing her teeth? No...her bathroom fan is going. Then it continued and I heard the bowl splash.

Do I ignore it? Talk to her? Tell N(who is her friend). We've only lived together for about a week. I am a little in shock. Advice?


Matilda Bonnet said...

you should probably talk to her! :S You know, who could understand her better that you. :)

Sofie said...

you could talk to her & you could click. but then again, if you don't want anyone to know about your issues, pretend like you don't know.

it would be too tempting for me to stay quiet in that situation!!

Flushed said...

I think you should wait until you "click" before you bring up any kind of eating disorder, I would fear that she would see you as the do gooder enemy if this is something she is really hanging onto. It's uncomfortable for her, bulimia is so private. It's like trying to talk to someone about acne or something.

Sarah. said...

happy birthday darling!!!!

i dont think you should bring it up yet.. just as flushed said, wait till you know her a little better

Sottile said...

I agree with Flushed and Sarah. If I were in her place, I would not want someone who I just moved in with to be approaching me about my eating issues. I would wait to see whether you guys click or not, because talking to her could make your relationship be horrible right off the bat. You wouldn't want her to think you are trying to be the concerned friend who wants her to stop. We all know that someone telling you that they are worried and want you stop won't do anything. I think the whole thing would just put everyone in an uncomfortable situation.

Cudy said...

I think you should wait. Ur still kinda "stranger" to her and it's really doubtful she would admit her ED. She can only get angry or something.. feel it's not ur business.
Wait till time is right. If u get along and u know her better bring it up. :)

hezza said...

youve always been such an inspiration to me. tell me why i havent been on my blog in months and as soon as i come back on i automatically go to your page?