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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Got on the scale

I did something stupid and got on the scale. I weighed myself yesterday and today. I went down 3 pounds, so I am still losing water weight.

I started tracking my calories though. Now that I don't have a baby to feed I don't need as much intake.

My legs look so skinny to me. I don't know if it's because I was swollen for longer than I realized, atrophy from being hospitalized, or both. I have no muscle in my calves. I kind of like it. But I realize once I start running again they will go back to normal.

I told my sister I didn't feel like eating, she is a social worker. She told me if I restrict my depression will get worse. She also suggested I start doing some walking and light jogging. Once the rest of the swelling goes away in my feet and ankles I will give jogging a go.

For now I plan on going on a walk with my puppy tomorrow. He is such a little bastard sometimes. Today I was outside burning some burnable trash, and he decided to just go on a walk. He went down a block and turned, that's where I found him anyway. Scared the hell out of me. He didn't have his leash on, and he doesn't know to stay out of the road.

I am going to start weighing myself every other morning. I am less than 10 pounds my usual weight. With some cardio my body will tone back up. With better intake my stomach will flatten.

Good night all.

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Peridot (G+P) said...

Yes, restricting makes depression a METRIC FUCKTON WORSE. Your brain runs on glucose, serotonin is made from carbohydrates. Cut down on food and your brain has less to power itself and fewer building blocks to make happy chemicals. Hardcore restricting when you're already down is like blowing a hole in a leaky boat (Metaphor machine in my brain is so broken right now)

Walks with the puppy sound like so much fun! Can I come with? What kind of dog is he? Lol, I used to do things like that. Randomly go on "Adventure Walks" when Dad was too busy to take us and get in trouble coz Mum was too stoned to ask for permission, so we just went. . . 0:)

Thank you for your comment on the email post. Lol, typos for the fail! XD Then again, cool new words can come from typos. I use a lot of typos and CAPCHAs as Minecraft seeds ^.^;

Take care and look after yourself for me. Love you so much *Huggles*