You're not alone

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Had fun doing some subtle ombré highlights on the mannequin.

I am secretly hoping no one comes in to the salon in the next hour. I need to rest my chubby swollen feet.

Since i've been pregnant my patience has gone down. Especially for my husband. I think I am a pretty cool wife. He plays in two bands, drums in two I should specify. He drives 60 totals miles per week for one band, the other is local. But Monday-Thursday night he is usually out late. And if he has shows that weekend it feels non stop.
For the most part, I don't complain. Things will be a lot different when baby is here, so I am trying not to hold him back. Yet, I feel like a lazy butt because he comes home to a less than tidy house. He says it stresses him out. I then interpret that as I am a bad wife. I am trying my best to manage school, work, pregnancy, house, and dog.
I miss running. I miss gym. I miss taking care or MYSELF. I miss my ankles lol.

Pretty bad right?


Anonymous said...

omg! It looks like your foot is actually injured. Poor thing and you work on your feet. Hope they get better. Having a baby...well it changes everything.

Stick Thin said...

Yeah I feel so disgusting. I am retaining so much water because of my thyroid. I think I am getting a little better, slowly

Peridot (G+P) said...

You are SO the only person EVER to be allowed to do hilights on my hair! (Last bitch who tried didn't take into account the natural curliness of my hair. I looked like I was going grey at 16 since I didn't have straighteners!)

Also: You're allowed to cut my hair while sitting on a tall bar stool. I'll be on a spinny chair so you can move me to where you need me.

*Hugs you and rubs your feet* Kimmeh's looked like that until she hit 3rd trimester and couldn't work anymore. (Checkout chicks FTW!) This will pass! If it doesn't get your BP checked. You do NOT want to run the risk of being hospitalised with pre-eclampsia!

Dude, you're growing a human AND working AND studying AND keeping house! That's a MASSIVE FUCKING WORKLOAD! Even half of that is a massive fucking workload! He'd better get used to helping keep house NOW, otherwise you're both in a for a really rude awakening when Tiny Spawn arrives.

I'm pretty sure there are some kinds of exercise you can do while pregnant that keeps the weight off your feet. Ask your midwife or doc or other Mums (Or pillage google!) for advice.

Take care of yourself *hugs*

Love you!

désespérée de maigrir said...

You poor thing!!!! I hope you get some time over the next few days to rest and put your feet up!

Me-thinks I need to start some baby knitting :) When are you due?

Anonymous said...

Those look sore. I know what you mean with wanting to take care of yourself but you have rest. Once the baby comes there will be no time for that and you'll want that the most.

I hope he realizes that you can't be superwoman right now.

Take care hun.