You're not alone

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hello again

I feel alone right now. And I miss being able to feel a sense of community through blogger.

To catch up on my life... I am pregnant. Lol. It kind of happened when we weren't exactly trying, but in the end we at excited. Scared, yes. Nervous, yes. Here is a picture of her profile.

So yes it's a girl.

I have of course been struggling with my changing body. I try not to think about it and be too self conscious. I believe the baby feels what I feel, and I don't want her to already have a low self esteem.

This past week I have experienced terrible swelling. Like my legs probably retained an extra 5-10 pounds of water. So I have worn sweats for 4 days now lol. I got to rest up yesterday and today. But now my ankles are so sore! I am going to see my chiropractor uncle. Hopefully my blood pressure is ok and I just need to get off my feet more.

I am almost done with this semester. I have been taking statistics and math. 5 more weeks. Bleh.

Hope everyone is doing well. Looking forward to catching up.


Peridot (G+P) said...

She is adorable, even in an ultrasoud. She must take after you :p

Sophie said...

Cute little button nose :) HUGE congratulations to you both! I've not blogged in a while but have been reading, and look forward to following your progress. Will be thinking of you over the next months as your body changes - kudos for making your little girl's self esteem a priority; I think you will be a wonderful mother.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you two! I'm glad you're back. Was getting worried.