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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

compliments, or trying to get a better tip?

I have had a busy morning. It's my first day off from work in a week.
  • I took my dog to the vet
  • bought him some toys and a cute sweater thing
  • got a mani and pedi
  • renewed my cosmetology license
  • paid a bill
And now I am going to go to the gym.

But while I was getting my pedicure, I tell the Vietnamese that I run a lot, and it makes my feet get callused.

"you run a lot? that's why you're so skinnny"

I tried not to smile, and maybe he was just trying to compliment me to receive a better tip. Either way I liked to hear that.



Anonymous said...

Both! I'm sure you look great. And, one pound is certainly a start. I'd be real happy about one pound right about now myself.

Anonymous said...

It's so nice when someone says things like that. Brightens up anyones day.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha I say both, plus jealousy ;)
I would kill for a pedi bout' now lol


désespérée de maigrir said...

I'm sure you look wonderful, don't sweat it girl! I hope you're doing ok. Part of me is sad that you're back, since I know that means your ed behavior is resurfacing, but I really missed reading your posts.