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Monday, December 27, 2010

What a depressing last post!!

I apologize.
Right after I posted, P and I had a long talk about what was going on in my head.
Its still going on

Why do I look at things like this:
It triggers me. I purged on christmas day for the first time in...2-3 months. I am sure watching the documentary "Thin" didn't help. P started getting on my case when he used my phone and saw that I was watching other triggering videos online.

I didn't go to treatment today and I'm so happy. P(my husband) had the day off and my therapist ok'd it. I didn't tell him about the 'slip up', but I did admit i had a hard day. I have to do an cause analysis for him.

I think there are great things I'm learning from treatment, but it has its flaws. I have a hard time knowing what to eat on the weekends, so I always feel like I'm just eating constantly. I hate it. I also feel confident about working out more, in a healthy way, but they pa poo it almost entirely.

I will live


Anonymous said...

glad you are sticking with treatment!! I's very hard to kick this whole thought process.

Sophie said...

I'm glad you and P have each other. And I'm glad you're sticking this treatment out - doesn't sound like much of a 'treat' har har. Sorry, lame humour... I'm proud of you.
PS I want to BE that girl! We're all in this thing together, but I believe you'll get out and I'm happy for you xx

Strength said...

wow she's very pretty...great thinspo

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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