You're not alone

Friday, December 31, 2010


I was told to make sure I take a break from my thoughts, job, etc. So I had a fellow anonymous recoverer re teach me how to crotchet. When I started messing up, I improvised and made something that resembles a ghost.

I had a pretty good day today. I received some good feedback from people. I just need to start believing in he strengths others see I have.

I feel out of shape. Not fat. Just....lazy. I might go snowboarding tomorrow! But I am a little sick in he throat so we'll see.

My new years plans will be to go to a show that my husbands band is playing in. I really hope I get some sleep tonight.

Anyone doing anything fun?


drenchedinthin said...

i was thinking in party. dance all night you know.
hope you nyer is going well.

Sottile said...

I hope you had fun boarding, if you ended up going! I love ski and board season :) I hope all is well! xoxo