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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Tracking My Food Is


I am angry at the nutritional content in most of our food. I decided to start tracking my food to just get a general idea of my macro nutrients and less focused on calories (but also good to know in general how much I'm consuming).


And I'm ANGRY about that. The recommended daily intake for sugar is 25g.

Today I've had a banana (12g) and a Kasha bar (7g). I plan to have 4 mini cucumbers (2g) and Chunky Guacamole (1g).

Total: 23g

I have no idea what I'm going have for dinner, but I would love to have some blueberries tonight, and that would technically but me over the 25g. So here is what I really think: either nutritionists need to be more realistic with what is a reasonable amount of sugar to consume OR people that make the food need to reduce sugar. (Of course the power is all in my hands so I'm just complaining here.)

The natural sugar doesn't bother me (like from the cucumber, banana, and guac (there is tomatoes in the guac).

It's the sugar in the snacks I have. I am not afraid of sugar, I love sugar. I just want to be able to enjoy it when I want to enjoy it dammit!

I have been drinking diet sodas for years. And recently I decided to stop drinking them to see if it would help with some headaches I was experiencing. I didn't realize how much sugar is in 1 cup of regular soda:

To me, it feels like such a waste. Drinking juice feels like the same thing, a waste of sugar that doesn't really fill you up (I'm not much of a juice drinker anyway).

I guess this means hard work is ahead

Why do we make it so damn hard to get the right nutrition? I want this for me and my family. So I guess I'll be going on Pinterest to find "Home Made Granola Bars" and other such snacks to help me be healthier. Damn sugar. 


désespérée de maigrir said...

Something seems off there... The government guidelines generally recommend 45-65% of your total calories coming from carbohydrates. A moderately active woman needs about 2000-2200 calories per day, so that's 900 calories coming from carbs (on the low end). Additionally the other recommendation is less than 10% of total calories from ADDED sugars. So for example... I have natural no sugar added almond butter here in front of me... 7g carbs, with 3g fiber and 2g sugar. I wouldn't count that 2g sugar in the 10% since its naturally occurring, like in fruit. And on a 2000 calorie diet I think you get 300 grams of carbohydrates, roughly.

Basically, where is this 25g coming from? It sounds like the recommendation for added sugars,not total sugars. It's impossible to eat 2000 calories and only eat 25g sugar!

Does this make any sense? Hope it helps :)

Bella said...

Aren't the sugar limits usually just for added sugars, not naturally occurring sugars such as in produce (what des said, basically)? Sugar IS in everything but it's not all inherently bad. What you listed for those 23g sounds perfectly healthy to me. As long as your 25g isn't 25g of table sugar sprinkled atop your meals, you're fine.

Regular soda is nuts! My brother and I have always had diet soda, but my mum's diabetic and occasionally buys full sugar lemon drink. I want to scream every time. It's one thing I just can't wrap my head around.


Stick Thin said...

Thanks guys! I'm really not that worried. I think I'm more mad about these arbitrary numbers that are put out there are "guidelines" that are really hard to understand if you don't know nutrition.

My brother told me that the number applies to the average american, and the average american is not super healthy. If someone who is active, like me (ish), going over 25g is different.

And like you've guys said, natural sugar is different than added sugar.

Fat Bastardo said...

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As to sugar, sugar is sugar is sugar. Sugar in not the bad guy. Sugar in all its forms has been around for ever. Sugar is not making people fat. Caloric poisoning is making people fat and keeping them fat. If you are fat the immutable truth is this. YOU ARE A TOTALLY SELF INDULGENT GLUTTON. If you are a mia you are a guilt ridden self indulgent glutton who pukes or exercises so that you can EAT.

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If you want to end this insanity, destroy your egos.


Anonymous said...

What a loser! I can't believe this guy's STILL around leaving such horrible comments on ED blogs.

Get a life, fuckface (him, not you)