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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Being Tan

Makes me feel skinnier. Anyone agree?

So I have had a busy week. We went camping with two other couples. I had a busy time trying to get gear and what have you. Last week I did go on one run. 5.4 miles!!

I went with a friend. I am so out of shape, but I am not going to beat my body to death just to try and keep up with someone. I listened to my body. Sometimes I ran fast, other times I slowed down.

Our first day of camping we did a 3 mile round trip hike. It was so windy up top! My poor 3 pound dog was struggling Ha ha. We also went and played in the river. I have no shame. Well. I do. But I didn't care. I was the only girl in a bikini. I have a post pregnant body, and no tan. Screw everyone! I like bikinis.

Our camping trip was overall fun. It was really windy. A little on the chilly side. It's always fun to just fart around and be away from civilization.

Yesterday was a really bad day. And I haven't told anyone. I should tell my husband why I got sick yesterday, but how do you explain this:

I was doing some drinking. Going through bags and boxes of shit that I didn't even know we had. I found some 'wal tussen'. I used to drink robotussen for a few months to get 'high', when I was 19.

Yesterday I decided to drink the bottle that was 3/4 full. For the first little bit I was fine. Then I just had to lie down and pass out. After about 3 hours of sleep I used the bathroom, I won't go there.

So going to the pool yesterday when my husband got home made me nervous. He didn't know why I got sick. And I can't tell him. I am afraid to tell him. I hate letting him down.

That stuff made me so sick. I am a dumb shit.

Today I will run and do a workout. I so excited for summer!


Anonymous said...

Well, you certainly won't do it again so don't feel too bad about not telling. Go you in your bikini!!! Camping sounds fun but yes, it is a lot of work to prep for.

Sam said...

Never be ashamed to strut your stuff!!!


Katie Elizabeth said...

I was just telling my bf how having a tan makes me feel skinnier. Don't beat yourself up too bad over not telling him. I didn't tell my bf I purged yesterday 3 times. We all have our little secrets. Keep your head up beautiful.

Peridot (G+P) said...

YAY for the run and listening to your body and not thrashing yourself into the ground. I have no respect for the guys at the gym who aren't as smart as you and overload themselves and end up being yelled at by the trainers for injuring themselves :3

Woot for the bikini! Go Honeybadger, go you good thing! :D


VictoriaCrimson said...

That you're even propelling yourself to do a 5+ mile run is awesome within itself! Much admiration from ovaa here.

If only tans could be instant, permanent, and risk-free.. ahh.