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Sunday, July 31, 2011

It's been a while

I've been quite the absent blogger. I will make some attempts to update a little, but no promises!
I was on a birth control, the depovera, for 9 months. I'd heard that it can sometimes make you gain weight. Up until the third shot I didn't notice anything. I started running a ton a few months ago, but my body shape was making little changes. So I don't know if the shot made me "gain" weight, but I definitely felt like it was kind of making me retain weight.

Now that I've been off it for a couple months I am finally starting to tone up! I had the muscle underneath it all ha ha.

My husband and i have also been trying to get to the gym together. It helps to have someone else making goals with you. I am trying not to do anything drastic. I could definitely eat a little better, but I've come a long way since going to the treatment center.
When I left the center I felt like I didn't know how to eat. I didn't like the ideas they put in my head. I had to redefine what and how I would eat.
It sucked.
Butt!! I am a lot happier these days. So that's good, right?

Its been gloomy a lot this summer. My thinspo for today is inspired by the weather outside:

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K said...

Glad you're back!!