You're not alone

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Makes me feel high

Makes me anxious

Makes me not able to sleep

Makes my husband worry

Makes my husband want to feed me like a child

Makes me feel in control.

Cons outweigh Pros, but often reason is shoved under the bed and I let the illogical 'sick' self roam free.


thin and bones said...

Whatever you choose, just know we're here for you <3

Ana's Girl said...

*hugs* i know those feelings all too well. I just set up a twisted deal with my husband so that he would let me do the ABC after i'm done with the pregnacy and breast feeding... and he's going to worry like crazy, but i'm sure i'll get the high you were speaking of. le sigh. This disorder is quite ridiculous at times.

Sar said...

<3 <3 <3

This post is so well written and true. I hope you're doing well, love.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, your post is so true! I cant wait to feel that high. I havent fasted in years wish me luck. Good luck to you too hun.